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Workers with Masks

Expand the Rights of Vermont's Workers

Pass the Vermont PRO Act!

About The Vermont PRO Act Coalition

United to Advance Workers' Rights

The Vermont PRO Act Coalition is an assembly of unions, individuals, and other organizations dedicated to expanding workers’ rights in Vermont through passage of the “Vermont PRO Act.” The VT PRO Act would improve worker protections for organizing and collective bargaining through ending at-will employment, making it easier for workers in the public sector to form unions, expanding collective bargaining rights to historically marginalized forms of labor, and protecting workers’ freedom of speech by preventing employers from forcing employees to attend captive audience meetings. Participation in the Coalition is open to all individuals, unions and organizations dedicated to advancing the cause of workers’ rights in Vermont.

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Healthcare Workers

Protect and Advance Union Organizing and Collective Bargaining! 

Vermont PRO Act Endorsers

The following unions/ organizations have endorsed the Vermont PRO Act


AFSCME Local 1674

AFSCME Local 1343

AFSCME Local 4802

AFT Local 5222

Central Vermont DSA

Champlain Valley DSA

Green Mountain Labor Council

IATSE Local 919

Ironworkers Local 7

IUE-CWA Local 81255

LIUNA Local 668

Migrant Justice

Rights & Democracy Vermont

Rural Vermont

SAG-AFTRA New England

Sunrise Chittenden County

Teamsters Local 597

UA Local 693

UAW Local 2322

UFCW Local 1459

Vermont AFL-CIO

Vermont Community Geothermal Alliance


Vermont Staff Organization

Vermont Worker's Center

Farmer Repairing Greenhouse

Defend Workers' Freedom of Speech and Conscience

Take Action!

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Contact Your Legislators

Let your State representatives know that you support the Vermont PRO Act and they should too!

Attend a Coalition Meeting

Register to attend a virtual meeting of the Vermont PRO Act Coalition.

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